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Nationwide House Plan ServiceNationwide House Plan Service was in business dating back to the early 1930s and for at least a substantial portion of its existance employed an architect, Harry Marshak, as its principal designer.

Premier Small Homes was originally published before WWII in the late 1930s. About half the plans are shown with full color illustrations that appear unchanged from the 1937 edition to the post-War version.

This was typical of many plan book companies who designed modest middle-class homes for buyers with lean pocket books during the Depression years. Building came to a virtual standstill during the War and it was logical to dust off the old designs and republish them, while ramping up new designs for catalogs that would be offered later.

These modest, mid-century homes resonated with a huge number of young homeowners who had cut their teeth and life expectations during the Depression and were wary of rash extravagance. The Premier Small Homes book is one of the nicer color books that illustrate the post-War traditional housing that provided the transition to more modern 50s styles.

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