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"Homes of Individuality"

1955 Homes of Individuality - National Plan ServiceUntil the mid-50s, residential home design for the middle class focused on small plans. Articles in standard home magazines generally always had some kind of article that addressed living in one of the millions of homes built between 1900 and 1950 that were often less than 1000 square feet.

A Depression, war, and post-war boom (not without its own ups and downs) resulted in a demand for larger homes. Amenities that were being seen as essential included at least a bath and a half, with two full bathrooms being more desirable.

Kitchens became more automated. The array of kitchen appliances and gagetry produced was phenomenal. Freezers were rapidly accepted as an essential element of food storage and preparation as American farmers pushed increasing amounts of high quality produce to processors.

Homes patterns, with easy flowing layouts and indoor-outdoor access, became as open as those during the Craftsman-bungalow years from 1905 to 1925.

In this catalog, you can see the new trends in home design in which the traditional gives some ground to the modern and contemporary styles as a new generation of homeowners marks the beginning of a new age in American consumerism.

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