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1954 National Plan Service

"Prelude to Happiness"

1954 National Plan Service - Prelude to HappinessIn this 1954 catalog, you can begin to see the expansion in the foot print of the average middle-class home.

Still fairly small, the home is often still two bedrooms and one bath though more half-baths and a multi-purpose room appears, which could serve as a playroom, office, or more likely a third bedroom.

Most plans in this book show two plans, one with and one without a basement.

Basements and garages became extremely popular after WWII as householders engaged in a variety of do-it-yourself home improvements ranging from the ever-necessary need for additional storage to updating, adding on, or remodeling one's home.

Storing the ever-burgeoning array of belongings, especially the huge amount of kid stuff, was a problem our consumer-minded parents and grandparents dealt with every day. You can appreciate their dilemma as they were bombarded with not only radio and print, but also TV advertising, that touted the advantages of everything from Ipana toothpaste to Lucky Strike cigarettes.



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