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1952 National Plan Service

"Homes of Moderate Cost"

National Plan ServiceNational Plan Service was just one of the hundreds of plan home publishers that proliferated during the 1950s.

NPS was significant for the number of plans they produced. Where some companies struggled to produce a book of new plans annually, National Plan Service produced several every year.

They focused on the average middle-class homebuyer with a realistic idea of how much they had to spend. The target demographic included young families, many of whom comprised a former GI who was just getting started professionally, his wife, and a couple small children. Having taken advantage of the GI Bill, this homebuyer had good prospects for a prosperous future.

A small three-bedroom home with a single bath was considered a fine thing indeed and a vast improvement over married student housing or renting a smaller, older home with limited amenities. (It would be more than two decades before anyone looked at a 1910s or 20s bungalow as anything other than a potential tear-down.)

Our collection of small mid-century NPS plans are representative of the majority of little homes built in the early 1950s.

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