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1945 Style Trends (Third Ed.)

By National Plan Service

1945 National Plan Service - Style TrendsAs World War II wound down and victory became evident, manufacturers and builders moved quickly to capitalize on the pent up American appetite for new homes and unfettered remodeling that had been checked during the Depression and war years. Many goods, including most building materials that were unaffordable for many during the Depression, were rationed during the War.

War bonds that had subsized the cost of the war would soon reach full value. Builders and manufacturers who were retooling for the post-War economic transition wanted to be positioned to take advantage of the expected demand.

National Plan Service produced a full complement of plan books that were distributed through lumber companies. Style Trends reflects the changing aesthetic with a fair number of small, modernized colonial styles and small, single-story ranches that anticipated the shift home design would take in the coming decade.

Vestigial details from earlier Revival and Romantic styles are adapted in a few plans but for the most part these plans are often identical to many of the pre-War plans seen during the late 30s. Most are traditional with an occasional nod to the modern styles.

In keeping with the post-War marketing push, publications like this were often printed in color. Plans shown include a range of designs and are organized by style instead of plan number.

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