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1948 Harmonious HomesFor most plan books, there is a one to one correspondence between the exterior of the home shown and the plan. Later, as design companies became more enterprising, houses were shown with more than one exterior treatment. Earlier books (including the kit home companies) during the late 1930s often offered different sizes and plan configurations for the same basic home exterior.

Harmonious Homes takes it a step farther. In the Foreward, it says, "An unusually large number of floor arrangements and exteriors are shown on the following pages. Each floor arrangement is available in at least three different exteriors. Each exterior is available in a minimum of two floor arrangements. Since each exterior has a dfferent window arrangement, the featured floor drawing illustrates the window layout of the larger sketch at the top of each page. The same floor arrangement, however is available (not illustrated) with window layouts which correspond with the other two exteriors."

Gabled and hipped roofs were often interchangably available. In fact, the book states explicitly that they encourage changes to make the "home more livable for the owner."

Hiawatha T. Estes, a native Oklahoman of Chickasaw descent, moved West to California after his hitch in the Army during World War II. Trained as an architect, Estes was a prolific promoter of ranch style house plans many of which were built in Southern California where his company was located.



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