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1945 New Era Homes - Brown Blodgett Co.To get a better fix on the Brown-Blodgett Company of St. Paul, Minnesota, one would need to spend some time with the files and City Directories at the Minnesota Historical Society. Very little information is available on the Web.

What material we have uncovered is contradictory. It appears to us that rather than starting as a home-construction service, Brown-Blodgett Co. was originally a printing company. However, it appears that during the 1920s, the company discovered the many advantages of publishing house plans and developed some expertise in that area.

The Brown-Blodgett Company published The Book of 100 Homes: Containing the Designs and Floor Plans of One Hundred Homes—Bungalows, Cottages, and Two Story Homes in the early 1930s.

One designer, notable for both her gender and productivity, Mildred "Millie" Grunau (1909-1992), was apparently hired by Brown-Blodgett as an architectural drafter in the late 1930s or early 40s. She had been previously employed by the Federal Housing Administration to design affordable housing. Some sources attribute thousands of buildings to Grunau during her tenure at Brown-Blodgett.

Our first Brown-Blodgett plan book is New Era Houses, published in 1945 and written by two Minnesota architects, William M. Ingemann and Milton V. Bergstedt.


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