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Living Rooms of the 1960s

Family Rooms, Dens, Offices, Spare and Multipurpose Rooms

Kentile Living Room - OrangeThe living spaces in American homes changed dramatically after 1959 and became bigger, more open, often with vaulted ceilings, and often much more Modern.

Colors were bolder and more saturated, shapes became more experimental, and textures ranged from smooth as glass to the texture of the thick shag and rya carpets.

Traditional style rooms, which had been prominent for decades, gave way to new, sometimes more exotic interpretations.

Neo-styles like reinterpreted French Provincial, Classical, and Regency were everywhere and those trickled down even to the kinder set with the Pink French Provincial bedroom furniture for that classic icon ... the Barbie doll.

The first few years of the Sixties the emphasis was on color and texture. By the second half of the decade, pattern became more prominent.

It was a crazy, experimental period for design ... a lot of fun with some eye-popping innovations that either transport the viewer or make one wonder what the devil they were thinking. It was definitely NOT boring.

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