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1961 Kentile Terrazzo Vinyl Floor Ad

Where the first half of the 1950s were a continuation of earlier styles punctuated by innovation, the 1960s were all about color, innovation, and modernity.

It was the Space Age. On the upside, NASA was working hard to bring the moon within reach of rocket travel. On the downside, no one could ignore the threat of nuclear annihilation.

While kids practiced "duck and cover" drills at the local elementary school, the American housewife was relishing wonderful new materials and conveniences in the kitchen.

Color was a huge component in design. The bolder and brighter it was, the better. The traditional styles of the previous decade were largely swept away. When they were retained, the colors were invariably brighter and more saturated.

Plastics began to push aside older materials like linoleum and vinyl flooring enjoyed a big boost as it emulated stone, linoleum patterns, wood, and tile. Laminates in spiffy new designs replaced the cottage-y designs of the 1940s and 50s. Neo-classical and neo-provincial reinterpreted old styles in new ways.

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