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1950s Kitchens

1954 AGA Ad

The 1950s was marked by economic exuberance as families exploded in both size and expectations. Kitchens, during the 1930s and 40s were often relatively small, sometimes efficient, and usually merely functional. During the 1950s that changed.

Indispensable features included new appliances. A big marketing push by the American Gas Association made gas ranges extremely popular. Laundry facilities were often incorporated into the kitchen or nearby utility room. And a freezer was coveted by every housewife.

In our 50s kitchen directory we'll explore new materials including the rising use of vinyl and plastics as well as colors, finishes, and whatever other interesting bits and pieces we're able to excavate and publish. Some of the most interesting and inspirational images are campaign ads for well-known American companies like Armstrong and the American Gas Association. When we can, we'll create galleries so you can see them as collections.

In the mean time, write us and let us know if there are topics you are interested in. We'll see what we can track down.


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