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Retro Bathroom Design Inspiration

1947 American Standard Bath - Cream Neo Angle TubBathrooms have been a linchpin in the comfort of the American home now for more than 100 years. In the first 30 or so years of the 20th century most families were thrilled to have indoor plumbing, but it wasn't long before the single bathroom became the family battleground as members staked out their claim to the "facilities."

By the 1930s, articles extolling the necessity of two bathrooms were common in most of the home publications of the period. At the upper end of the economic spectrum, well-heeled families built their homes with at least a bath and a half. That single bath was, however, the standard for most homes until after World War II.

In the years following the War, multiple bathrooms became much more commonplace and by the early 1960s, most middle-class homes boasted two.

Stylistically, they didn't change much from 1930 to after WWII, though some features became more popular including those nifty corner tubs. Dedicated showers also increased in popularity with many homes having both a tub, tub-shower combination, or shower ... sometimes with both a tub and separate shower in the same bathroom similar to the spa bathrooms we are so fond of today.

We have collected images from magazines and advertising that are compelling in some aspect. We are often taken by color, layout, innovation of fixtures, or sometimes just by the advertising image itself. We hope you'll enjoy the by-product of our research. Don't hesitate to send us an email if you have questions!


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